Below are the services that GN Foundation is offer to improve mother Ghana ;

Arts & Culture


  • Select key festivals to help publicize events, create tours for big festivals, generate revenue streams for them
  • Approach key large cultural institutions to sponsor exhibits/donate art/build infrastructure



  • We will start by continuing our notably successful and effective blood drives, providing Korle-Bu with an essential resource, available to all patients
  • We will explore opportunities to partner with Korle-Bu to sponsor one big initiative, yearly, to significantly impact the delivery of care in a durable way.
  • When feasible, we will explore creating our own facility with the ability to deliver world class care. This facility will need a smart financial structure to enable it to deliver care worthy of medical tourism while delivering excellent care to the needy. We will enhance the sustainability of the center by providing a training opportunity for local practitioners.


  • Education is our highest priority. So it is the most important and will receive a higher resource allocation from the Foundation.
  • We will identify 10 boys and 10 girls from each region to serve as our Nduom Foundation Scholars. These children will be selected from those who have completed the JSS examinations, based strictly on performance. Teachers and Groupe Nduom Managers will be encouraged to identify brilliant children to apply to the scholarship program.
  • The scholarship will cover all school fees, travel to and from their home for school and holidays, uniforms, books, and any other associated cost.
  • To ensure excellent education and a controlled environment for our scholars, they will be encouraged to apply for admission to two schools – St Augustine’s College and Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High. This will facilitate regular interaction between the scholars, interaction between us and the scholars, regular seminars for their enrichment and excellent education. These institutions have been strategically chosen for the connection to the Directors of Groupe Nduom and for their longstanding record of educational excellence.
  • After one year in the program, scholars will pick a track, and we will guarantee summer internships for these students during the summers, so that their education does not falter during off-periods. Wherever possible, they will work with high achievers within the Groupe for their mentors
  • We will provide a opportunity for the students to work with our companies to gain work experience.
  • The Nduom Foundation will support the creation of the Nduom University and a well-equipped, modern high school.

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